10 August 2020

A Million Welsh speakers

At a meeting organised by the Welsh Language Commissioner at the Alternative Amgen, Dilwyn Roberts-Young, UCAC's secretary general, responded to the Briefing Note on the Welsh language and the statutory education workforce in Wales.
The role of the teaching profession in fulfilling the Welsh Government vision of a million Welsh speakers by 2050 is crucial.
We are, therefore, concerned with the decrease in the number of Welsh speaking teachers or teachers able to work through the medium of Welsh over the past five years.

15 July 2020

Covid-19 – Stakeholder Engagement 

Coronavirus has had a significant impact on all countries around the world and Wales. As well as the health risks; jobs are at risk; public finances are at risk; our vulnerable communities are at risk.

Providing for the recovery from the public health emergency represents the biggest challenge we have faced as a Devolved Government. This vital work will impact all areas of Welsh peoples’ lives and will be profoundly important for public services, for the economy and society.

There can be no doubt that we face huge, unprecedented, challenges. As we plot a course to recovery and reconstruction, our approach will be based on the same values – a commitment to social, economic and environmental justice – and will embed our obligations to those who follow us alongside those that are living through Covid19, under the Well-Being of Future Generations Act.

Our values remain the same, but we will need to be fearless and radical in applying to our established policies the lens of the new post-Covid realities. Many of the things that have worked in the past will no longer be fit for purpose. We will need to show flexibility and imagination in appraising our current approaches and in developing new ones. That is why as well as drawing on thinking from within the Government, we are also determined to look outside for challenge to our established ways of thinking and for fresh inspiration.

We are issuing an invitation to people in Wales to send us their thoughts on how we should support future post-Covid recovery and reconstruction in Wales. We have a dedicated email address – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – and would like to hear your thoughts on how we can shape our future Wales. We would like to hear from the people in Wales about what really matters, about where we should focus our efforts on recovery. We are asking people to aim to do that by the end of July. That will be far from the end of this crucial national conversation, but we want to help focus people’s efforts in contributing to our understanding and thinking in these early stages.

Thank you.


9 July 2020

Pupils – and investment  welcomed

UCAC education union has responded to today’s announcement by the Minister for Education about the reopening of schools in September.

Dilwyn Roberts-Young, UCAC General Secretary said Headteachers and teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure that arrangements for re-opening schools have created a safe environment for pupils. This builds on the work that took place throughout the period of school closures.

“With the statement from the Education Minister we can now look forward to welcoming pupils back to our schools in September and we await the publication of the guidelines for reopening. However, with the guidance being published so late in the day, there will need to be some patience in relation to preparation for the reopening during the first few weeks of the autumn term.

23 June 2020

UCAC's position on the week of 20-24 July

Local Authorities made a series of announcements from Friday 19 June onwards regarding their arrangements for the 'extra' week of term before the summer holidays, namely 20-24 July.

In light of those statements, and the fact that some of them referred to 'the unions', we wish to make UCAC's position clear.

  • UCAC has at no point opposed or campaigned against the opening of schools during the week of 20-24 July; neither has it campaigned in favour
  • UCAC has outlined a series of practical issues that would need to be considered and resolved if schools were to open during the extra week, or if the school year were to be varied in any way
  • The reality is that it is Local Authorities and the Welsh Government who have failed to reach agreement on this issue, not the unions and the Welsh Government