Pay and Working Conditions: Further Education

National Contract for Further Education

These are some of the advantages of the National Contract:
  • it provides protection against an individual college, intent on cost cutting, from worsening your conditions of service
  • by 1 September 2016 all employees will be on the National Contract
  • it will provide a contractual right to a national pay scale
  • it will prohibit zero hours contracts
  • it will provide all direct employees with the living wage backdated to 1 August 2013
Relevant documentation:
  • Summary of main conditions of service in the National Contract (pdf)
  • The Lecturers’ Workload Agreement (pdf): this agreement sets out the detail about lecturers’ hours and workload
  • The Implementation Agreement (pdf): this document describes how and when the National Contract will be implemented; Colleges will have the right to decide when to implement the contract between 1 January 2014 and 31 August 2016; you will have the right, if you so wish, to remain on your existing contract up until 31 August 2016
  • The National Contract: there are several different versions of the contract (A-J), depending on your staff category (management/lecturer/business support) and your pattern of work (e.g. full-time/part-time/hourly-paid); most of the provisions are identical in each version, however there are some difference, for example regarding holiday entitlement; only one version will be relevant to any individual.
         A.     Management Spine Salaried Full-Time Permanent (pdf)
         C.     Lecturer Salaried Full-Time Permanent (pdf)
         D.     Lecturer Salaried Fractional Permanent (pdf)
         E.     Lecturer Part-Time Hourly Paid Permanent (pdf)
         F.      Business Support Salaried Full-Time Permanent (pdf)
         G.     Business Support Fractional Permanent (pdf)
         J.      Business Support Part-Time Hourly Paid Permanent (pdf)