14 October 2020

Act on funding report recommendations, union urges

UCAC education union is calling on the Welsh Government and local authorities to respond as a matter of urgency to the recommendations of a report by economist Luke Sibieta, 'Review of School Spending in Wales', published today (15 October).

Dilwyn Roberts-Young, General Secretary of UCAC said “In his in-depth report, Luke Sibieta addresses many of the concerns that UCAC has raised regarding school funding levels and methods.

“The system is currently characterized by severe inconsistency, lack of transparency, and an absence of strategic planning. In addition, school budgets have been falling for many years.

“We welcome the fact that these systemic problems are highlighted in the report - as is the fact that funding levels do make a difference to outcomes, especially for learners from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“UCAC believes that implementing the recommendations contained in the report would create a much more consistent and transparent funding system. In turn, this would allow a greater level of accountability across the system - and the ability to make comparisons, learn lessons and disseminate effective practice. Crucially, it would provide a long-term, strategic dimension to school funding.

"We urge the Welsh Government and local authorities to implement these invaluable recommendations as soon as possible."


  • UCAC is Wales’s own education union. It represents teachers, headteachers and lecturers in all education sectors across Wales

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