UCAC offers a range of subscription rates according to the number of hours a week that you work. You can become a members here or contact the office for more information.

Free membership!

Membership is absolutely free for:
  • Trainee teachers and lecturers while they are at university
  • Teachers and lecturers on their first term after leaving university
A YEAR'S FREE MEMBERSHIP and half price the following year!  
The membership if free for a year and half price the following year for: 
• Teachers and lecturers durinmg their first calendar year of teaching 
• Teachers following the Graduate Teacher Scheme and training in the workplace
Maternity/Adoption/Shared Parental leave – 50% off membership!
Any teacher'lecturer who pays by direct debit is entitled to 50% off the membership fee throughout their maternity/adoption/shared parental leave – whatever the length of the leave. Contact us to let us know if you are about to start on a period of maternity leave.
Membership category Monthly fee
Full time

£17.00  (£204 a year)

Part time (0.7-0.9)

£14.25  (£171.00 a year)

Part time (0.4-0.6)

£11.50  (£138 a year)

Part time (0.3 

£9.50 (£114 a year)

First calendar year of teaching Training in the workplace Trainee University lecturers


Trainee teachers FREE