20 September 2019

Better to take the time to get it right, says UCAC

In response to Welsh Government’s announcement on 17 September about delaying the introduction of the new Additional Learning Needs system for a year, UCAC education union has said that it’s better to take the time to get the reforms right.

Rebecca Williams, UCAC Deputy General Secretary said “Although the announcement has come as a surprise, UCAC welcomes the extra year to ensure that the new Additional Learning Needs system is implemented effectively.

“The Additional Learning Needs Code is a key document for everyone who works in this field, and it’s crucial that it should be fit for purpose. There are a number of issues within the draft Code which would benefit from more detailed discussion – something which the extension to the timetable will now allow.

“The extra year would also allow the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body to consider the pay and conditions of ALNCos and ensure that they are in tune with the demands of the new system.

“UCAC believes that when it comes to large-scale reform, it is better to take the time to get it right. So we urge everyone to respect the new timetable and to make the most of the extra time to be ready for implementation.”