1 May 2020

May Day

A message from Frances O’Grady, TUC on May Day:

This year we can’t be all together on May Day – the day to recognise the contribution of working people.

 This crisis shows us how much we depend on frontline workers in our NHS, care, schools, supermarkets, transport and other essential services.

They are the best of us. And we say thank you.

But as we clap and cheer, this country should also do more.

Everyone who’s kept Britain going deserves a pay rise. It’s time to ban the zero-hours contracts and bogus self-employment that leave carers, shop workers and delivery drivers struggling. Everyone must get decent sick pay. 

That’s how the government should thank working families.

And ministers must make a promise to them too. When this crisis is over, we can’t go back to business as usual.

We need a new deal for working people. Jobs for everyone, decent pay, a strong safety net, fair terms and conditions.

Tough times are still ahead. That’s when you need your union to have your back.

So, we say to the working people of Britain: join a union today. Tell your children and grandchildren, your workmates and neighbours. Search “join a union”.

With pride and solidarity.