30 April 2019

Annual Conference 2019 (Cynhadledd Flynyddol 2019)

The Union held a successful Annual Conference again this year at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells on the 5th and 6th of April. During the Conference, 33 leading motions were passed which will set out Union’s campaigns and principles for the coming year.

The motions included some about the transparency of funding education, having a stable school calendar, training for the new curriculum and developing Welsh language skills for the education workforce.

Kirsty Williams AM, Cabinet Secretary for Education, welcomed a special speech outlining her vision for the education system in Wales over the next few years. A question and answer session followed the speech on issues such as the new curriculum, children with additional learning needs, Welsh medium teaching and the recruitment and retention crisis in the profession.

As well as discussing motions, Guto Aaron, Education Technology Coach, gave an interesting and useful presentation and a session on mental health and emotional wellbeing from the Language Alchemist from Chrysalis Company, Tracey Jones. After the evening supper, we were entertained by the band BWCA, a new band from the Aberystwyth area.

The 2020 Annual Conference will take place between 27-28 March at Cwrt Bleddyn, Usk - put the date in your diaries!

29 April 2019

A confident curriculum, says teaching union

In response to the publication on 30 April of the new draft curriculum for Wales, Dilwyn Roberts-Young, General Secretary of UCAC teaching union said “Without doubt, today is an exciting day. For the first time, the work of hundreds of teachers and experts in developing the new curriculum will see the light of day. Thousands of teachers, other education professionals, parents and employers will now have the opportunity to express their opinion and influence the framework that will form the basis of our children’s education from 2022 onwards.

“UCAC is proud of the fact that we will have a curriculum that is specific to Wales; a curriculum that puts knowledge, skills and experiences firmly in a Welsh and international context. This is a development that signals confidence, and that shows the world our vision and our interpretation, here in Wales, of ‘education’ in the twenty-first century.

04 April 2019

UCAC Conference tackles Welsh education’s burning issues

UCAC, one of Wales’s main teachers’ unions, is to hold its annual conference in Llandrindod this weekend (5-6 April).

Teachers from all over Wales will debate over 30 motions on the most burning issues in Welsh education including:

  • school funding
  • transparency of the regional consortia
  • a fixed school calendar
  • recruitment and retention of headteachers
  • immersion techniques and funding of Welsh Languages Centres
  • health and wellbeing of pupils and school staff

In amongst the debates, there will be several guest speakers, including:

  • Kirsty Williams AM, theEducation Minister, Welsh Government
  • Guto Aaron, Educational Technology consultant and trainer, Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer, Director @Twt360
  • Tracey Jones, Chrysalis, who helps teachers and educators to deal with daily pressures by building personal resilience and providing them with coping strategies

15 March 2019

UCAC Teaching Union’s Annual Conference: 5-6 April 2019

UCAC teaching union’s Annual Conference will be held at the Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells on 5-6 April 2019.

The guest speakers will be:

  • Kirsty Williams, Education Minister, Welsh Government (Friday, 5 April, 13.00)
  • Guto Aaron, Educational Technology consultant and trainer, Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer, Director @Twt360 (Friday, 5 April, 16.00)
  • Tracey Jones, Chrysalis, which “energises teachers and educators into building personal resilience and providing them with the coping strategies to deal with daily pressures.” (Saturday, 6 April, 10.00)

The following are some of the issues that will be debated during the Conference:

  • School funding
  • Transparency of the regional consortia
  • A fixed school calendar
  • Recruitment and retention of headteachers
  • Immersion techniques and funding of Welsh Languages Centres
  • Health and wellbeing of pupils and school staff

If you would like a copy of the motions, or if would like to make specific arrangements to visit the Conference, or arrange interviews, please get in touch.

The proceedings will take place in Welsh; simultaneous translation can be provided by prior arrangement.

For further information, contact:

  • Rebecca Williams (Policy Officer) on 01970 639950 / 07787 572180

5 March 2019

Extra INSET day ‘a step in the right direction’ says UCAC

UCAC education union has welcomed the proposal made by Welsh Government today to allow an extra INSET day each year for the next three years. The intention is for the extra day to be used to support the introduction of the new curriculum. A consultation on the proposal will be launched today.

In addition, the Education Minister, Kirsty Williams AM outlines the way in which Welsh Government will take forward the recommendations contained in the Professor Mick Water’s report ‘Teaching: a valued profession which was published in September 2018. One of the most noteworthy developments will be the establishment of an Independent Commission to consider ‘re-imagining schooling’ – namely a fundamental rethink about ‘how we would change the school system to fit with modern and anticipated future life for families and communities.’

Rebecca Williams, UCAC’s Deputy General Secretary said “UCAC has been asking Welsh Government for some time when teachers and other school staff will be given the time to prepare themselves for the enormous task of introducing the new curriculum, with the fundamental changes it brings to preparation, teaching and assessment.

“An extra INSET day a year would be helpful, and certainly represents a step in the right direction – however it will clearly not be enough in and of itself.

“We welcome the other elements of the Minister’s statement outlining how the recommendations of the ‘Teaching: a valued profession’ will be taken forward. Establishing an Independent Commission to think openly and perhaps radically about the shape and structure of our education system is especially exciting. It’s good to step back and take a look at the big questions from time to time and we look forward to being part of those discussions.”



For further information please contact:

  • Rebecca Williams: 07787 572180 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.