15 January

UCAC’s concerns about external assessments this summer

Yesterday, UCAC wrote to Qualifications Wales to express serious concerns about any attempt to administer external assessments instead of exams before the end of the school year.

UCAC strongly believes that an announcement is urgently needed to confirm this summer’s arrangements, following the cancellation last week of the internal assessment element. These new arrangements must be absolutely concrete, and able to withstand the worst case scenario in terms of school closures over the coming weeks and months.

15 January 2021

UCAC presents evidence to Senedd committee on Covid-19

On 14 January, Rebecca Williams, UCAC’s Deputy General Secretary and Policy Officer presented evidence to the Senedd’s Children, Young People and Education Committee on the effect of Covid-19 on schools.

The online session, which involved representatives of 7 unions who represent school staff, examined:

  • the short term: while schools are closed to most pupils
  • the medium term: getting schools open
  • the medium to long term: pupil well-being and academic progress

8 January 2021

Decision based on medical evidence welcomed

UCAC teachers’ union has welcomed the decision announced today by Welsh Government that schools and colleges should not return to face-to-face teaching for the time being.

Dilwyn Roberts-Young, General Secretary of UCAC said “This decision is based on medical evidence, and keeps to the Education Minister’s key principle that ‘evidence and information’ is the only way to secure ‘the confidence of parents, staff and students’.

3 January 2021

Letter expressing our concerns about returning to work arrangements

Joint letter to Welsh Government from trade unions and associations representing school staff expressing concerns about the return to school arrangements.


3 January 2021

Lateral Flow Testing in Schools and Colleges

Letter to Welsh Government stating that it is not reasonable to expect school staff to organise, run and staff Covid testing centres, whilst also providing education and essential pastoral support.