Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru

UCAC is Wales’s own education union for teachers, head-teachers, lecturers and tutors – the only teachers' union that puts Wales, and members in Wales, first. UCAC provides support for its members in the Welsh language and all its publications are in the Welsh language only.

UCAC offers a full professional service to its members, combining tailor-made advice and support with a strong union voice in campaigns. 

We are passionate about supporting and protecting our members, and about working towards an education system that meets the needs of Wales and everyone who lives here.



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School Teachers' Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document 2022

21 November 2022  

The School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document is now available on the Welsh Government’s website.  

Please find below links to a written statement from the Minister for Education and Welsh Language accepting all the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body’s recommendations for 2022/23 and to the revised School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (Wales) Document 2022.   



If you are working part-time and in receipt of a TLR, remember that it is important to check with your Headteacher whether you are eligible to receive the TLR in full. 

Changes to NQT statutory induction in Wales

7 November 2022 

Following a public consultation on proposals to change statutory induction arrangements for newly qualified teachers in Wales, changes come into force from 7 November 2022.


Changes include:

  • allowing induction to be undertaken in PRUs
  • introducing flexibility: ABs have discretion to reduce the length of the induction period for NQTs who can demonstrate that they meet the standards in less than three terms / 380 sessions
  • introducing a time limit for the satisfactory completion of induction

Revised guidance on all the changes has been published on Hwb.